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Onthe 2nd of July a cheerful and loud baby girl was born. The little girl soon developed her love for music and at a young age she started singing and playing instruments such as the drums, piano, jembé, etc. When she turned 6 she appeared in the choirs of music shows on Belgian channels. At school she and her brother were prominently involved in the school play and choir. Around the age of 10 she already owned an impressive collection of music instruments.

When she turned 17, she developed an interest in the art of mixing music. That is when her father came home one day with the best present ever: 2 turntables. After some practice it soon became obvious that she had a gift for mixing. By the end of the next year she started to make her first performances on local parties. In Spring time of the next year, when she was 18, she was already mixing besides the biggest DJ names in Belgium. After that, her career was rapidly launched: clubs all over Belgium booked her and she simultaneously made it to the big screen by appearing in the TV show DJ@home as the first female. She was runner up in the Boccaccio DJ contest and she won the 411 DJ contest on Jim TV and the JamminDJ contest of Radio Donna. These national contests were judged by Belgian top artists and the last mentioned had over 500 participating candidates.

Present-day, Lady G has achieved an international career by mixing all over Europe, North-Africa and Asia. But her ambitions reach beyond these continent borders!

Lady G combines her DJ-ing with a day job as graphic designer. She creates her own promotion material, CD covers and clothing line. Last year she released the first line of  “GET DRESSED CLOTHING”. Wich was a big succes.

DJ LADY G mixed all over the world and has produced excellent party vibes

Some of the countries where DJ Lady G has produced excellent party vibes are: Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Greece, Morocco, Switzerland, Madagascar, Italy, Thailand, Hongkong, Macedonia, Poland, Uganda and many more.

Lady G has created her own style with a female touch. During a performance she loves to grab the mic, to sing and to get the party more fired up. She’s one of the biggest stars in the Belgium Urban/Bass DJ-Scene.

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